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Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some common questions.


Well, VIP are matches gotten from our predictions and sometimes not.
We at least a guarantee you profit, 5 times a week. On almost all VIP matches.
We might not make profit on a certain day but we can guarantee you at the end of the week you will have made profit.

These are matches that are 99% research and forecast by our team.

We give you game till you make a profit, and we guarantee you a profit at the second time.
Should in case we don’t win the second time we extend it to the following day, and as we mention above profits is guaranteed at the end of the week.

We also have a plan on staking and we’ll follow your bankroll.

Fixed Matches?

These packages offer you real Fixed Match.
The odds vary and it’s almost every day in the whole month depending on our source.
And it’s only for paid Members only. Mind you this is not predictions or VIP!.
Before making any payment kindly contact us first using the contact us page or message us directly on.

Do You Offer Free Games?

Fixed matches and VIP: NO and zero it off your Mind, remove the tought. It’s for paid members only.

Predictions: YES on daily basis.

How Often Do You Have Matches?

Every day, all days in the year. There’s always a match with us.

How Sure Are These Games?

These are games that imply its name, its predictions and not guaranteed, but our experts and teams are always working to serve you better.

VIP: 99%

Fixed: These are matches from our source and has never disappointed us.

How Many Times Will I Get Games After Payment?

After making payment, you get games that match your payment.

But nearly all our packages last for a month.

How Can I Pay For Game If I Want To Purchase?

Make use of our How To Pay Page

Why Don’t You Accept Bank Payment?

We accept when we first start, our bank account was traced and got us in big trouble, and our bank account blocked…
Because fixed match is illegal in most country and in France as well, they’re not allowed, and it’s A SECRET.

So, if you can’t make use of the How to Pay page.
Or make use of our services, if not available.

Just close this website Right Now.

Why Do You Cover Your Bet iD?

You remember the reason we gave above about Bank payment, same reason applies here.

After Making Payment, What Do I Need To Do?

After payment, send us a message on we’ll ask you to register on the website and you will be able to access the ACCOUNT page, where you will see your games.

Do You Have A Group?

You can’t expect us to be running a paid match and have a group.
We only have a Broadcast on live chat where we talk to you all at once and a telegram channel.

Have been scammed, How Sure Are You and your source?

Be calm, we are here for you and we’ll make sure you never try any other source apart from our source, our source is the best so far.

Most people get scammed looking for CONFIDENCE, take a look at this scenario, You ask them for confidence, they will give you prediction, and you will lose. They will block you afterwards.

What more can we say, now it’s your choice and left to you whether to believe us or not because if we keep on talking you can still have a doubt…

Why Don’t You offer Free Fixed Match?

You can’t expect highly paid matches for free…
Even, the VIP, people are sitting down 24/7 to get that out of the predictions.

We don’t just understand, why did you want something that you know its needed for you so bad, and not want to pay?. When we first start, we start giving some people for free, all they could say is because it’s small odds(5-10 odds) then went to use another mail to message us, so we can give them free again. But they forgot we can detect them through IP, Even with some other ways. So, we stop!.

You need to pay for what you want! Or Just STICK WITH THE OUR PREDICTIONS.

Still, need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write using the Contact Us Page;

And PS: Make sure the question you will be asking are questions that have not been answered here at all, else we won’t reply you and even on

We love to help people succeed!
It is a passion and goal to help as much as possible people with best predictions and 100% fixed match.